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The Extraordinary Life of Romulus Donkwad: Search for the Missing Whisker Link

The Extraordinary Life of Romulus Donkwad: Search for the Missing Whisker Link

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Have you ever wondered what cats do while their owners are at work and school? Many are secret agents! They hack into computers, spy on humans, and meet up with other cats to pass on secret messages. They're working to save the world from environmental catastrophe.

Romulus and his brother Remus are secret agents in training. They are new recruits in the Cerulean Order of Felines. While they are learning new skills, they become aware that there is serious danger right under their noses. A race of mutant rats called the Shadow Realm is about to overthrow the order and take over the world.

Romulus and Remus must stop them! They become rogue agents, and must race against time to fulfill a mission left by Smidgen, their predecessor. They need to collect clues and puzzle pieces that will lead them to find Smidgen's missing Whisker Link, a necessary device that is critical for saving the environment and establishing world peace. But the Shadow Realm is also looking for the missing Whisker Link, which they plan to use for their evil agenda of destruction.

When Romulus finds out his brother and step-sister are captured by the Shadow Realm, he must use everything he has learned so far about being a secret agent as well as his own talents and skills to try to stop them. But will it be enough?

"Pawsitively purrfect! This feline adventure is filled with mischief and mayhem that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I can't wait to see what adventures Romulus has next!"
-Dawn Harvey, Middle School Educator.
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